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AudioLab from Adwanted is the first reporting platform in the UK to use VAST tag technology to track real-time ad impressions across multiple digital audio providers in a single campaign dashboard.

In the rapidly evolving market of digital audio, AudioLab is vital for media agencies and audio platforms that want to stay in front of the revolution.


AudioLab tracks impressions in real time, updating your dashboard as soon as someone listens to your ad. Through VAST tags, the system can determine exactly when a listener starts and finishes an ad, meaning LTR (listen-through-rate) statistics are available. Combined with extensive and easy to use filters and multiple, exportable graphs, reporting your digital audio campaigns to clients has never been easier.

AudioLab pie chart showing campaign impressions by device
AudioLab bar chart showing daypart campaign impressions and listen through rate


By consolidating multiple digital audio platform data on a single dashboard, AudioLab minimises the admin for both agencies and media owners. Removing the necessity to consult multiple platforms to compile data, use AudioLab to get results, immediately.

From everything as simple as accounting for each impression contractually sold to the ad buyer and all the way to impartially measuring performance of a campaign to determine success, third-party measurement is one of very few tools built to serve the ad buyer, providing the rest of the chain enough insight to continue winning their business.

Bryan Barletta from ‘Sounds Profitable’


Brought to you from Adwanted UK, the company behind J-ET – the World’s first automated trading and accountability system for linear radio – and in line with IAB guidance, AudioLab is a reporting solution you can have confidence in. Whilst working closely with media owners, validating impressions from DAX, Octave Audio and other digital platforms.

AudioLab, like J-ET, is independent and trusted by digital platforms and agencies alike.

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